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Data Technology

"Imagination is the Discovering Faculty, pre-eminently. It is that which penetrates in to the unseen worlds around us, the worlds of Science."

Ada Lovelace


IT Solutions

About us

StorageD is an IT Consulting and Services Company.

Our mission has always been to bring the best solutions to our customers and partners with expertise, quality and efficiency, having ethics and trust as a maxim. With objectivity, we work to provide solutions customized to the needs of our customers, enabling the continuity of their business. Make a difference and bring high-performance solutions for our customers is definitely our biggest reason to exist: it is what moves us.

Information Technology
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Our Services

Together with our partners, we bring the best business proposal for your company, with commitment and ethics. Our Project Management will allow your project to be delivered with total success. We address ways to develop and implement solutions based on best practices, with efficiency and quality.

Instalation and Configuration


  • Assessment

  • TS7700 configuration

  • OAM installation/configuration

  • DFSMS customization

  • HCD definition



  • DS8000

  • TS7700


  • Initial Configuration

  • Software Updates

  • SAN zoning

  • Best pratices


  • Backup assessment

  • Backup improvements

  • Backup Best pratices

  • Schedule adjustments

  • Data protection recommendations

Support in Disaster Recovery Plans

  • Disaster recovery assessment

  • Disaster recovery Plan

Storage Migration

Mainframe Tape Migration

  • Software Installation

  • Software Configuration

  • Tape Migration execution

  • Tape Migration Support


Disk Migration

  • Software Installation

  • Software Configuration

  • Disk Migration execution

  • Disk Migration Support

Capacity Planning Studies



  • Commvault Solution

  • SAN


September, 2023

StorageD attended IBM TechXchange Conference 2023, Las Vegas, September 11 - 14. It was a pleasure to meet our customers, partners and friends there. The sessions and speeches were amazing, great opportunity to learn more about different IBM solutions.

March, 2023

StorageD attended Share Atlanta, 2023 - March 5 - 8. Committed to bringing the best solutions to our customers, we seek recognized sources of knowledge for growth. Share is always an opportunity for recycling and meeting with the best specialists in the world.


5201 Blue Lagoon Dr, Miami, FL 33126, USA

+1 407 474-2923

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